Large Losses at K-12 Schools

Oct. 17, 2016 (Bethesda, MD) — Education Insurance Services (EIS), a wholesale insurance agency serving independent K-12 schools and small colleges, today released its Large Losses at Schools report.

The report compiles stories of recent insurance claims at independent and public K-12 schools. Educational institutions should be aware of and protect against similar circumstances that could endanger students, staff, or visitors, and lead to financial losses and reputational damage. 

Claims discussed include a:

  • $1.03 million award to a former high school baseball player after he was struck with a foul ball
  • $8 million settlement between a Pennsylvania Catholic school and students who were reportedly sexually molested by a staff member
  • $4.2 million settlement after a 12-year-old student was paralyzed after being punched by another student. The school was accused of non-compliance with state anti-bullying laws

“By highlighting these large losses, we hope to reinforce how important it is for schools to secure adequate liability coverage,” says Wendell Smith, associate vice president for EIS. “The reality is that any school could be faced with a significant claim that leads to a large loss and a damaged reputation. It is critical that schools work with insurance professionals who understand their students, and the risks associated with school environments.”

Download the full report now. 

About Education Insurance Service

Education Insurance Services (EIS) is a wholesale insurance agency that provides education-specific coverage for independent K-12 schools and small colleges. As a managing general agency (MGA), EIS provides comprehensive packages that address the exposures specific to education, including liability coverage for claims associated with athletic injuries, sexual molestation, and Title IX compliance. Packaged coverage also includes commercial auto, cybersecurity, environmental, property, and workers’ compensation coverage.

EIS is a sister company to United Educators (UE), a reciprocal risk retention group, which offers liability insurance to more than 1,300 schools, colleges, and universities nationwide.

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