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    Independent School Focus Package

    The Independent School Focus (ISF) Package from Education Insurance Services (EIS) provides comprehensive coverage unique to the education environment, as well as a wealth of risk management resources. EIS is the exclusive provider of the ISF package provided by United Educators, a risk retention group that is dedicated to serving the education market. 

    This package gives independent schools and charter schools of 3,000 students or less, the same coverage lines that their larger counterparts enjoy.

    If you represent multiple independent schools, consider pooling these risks to receive even greater competitive advantage and value. For larger independent school or higher ed accounts, please contact us to learn about packages that meet your clients’ needs.

    With ISF, your independent school accounts will benefit from comprehensive general liability, educators legal liability, fiduciary liability, and excess liability coverage parts as described below. 


    Primary General Liability: Limits up to $1 million each occurrence/$3 million aggregate

    Our broad coverage protects against a wide range of potential claims including alcohol abuse, campus crime, and sexual misconduct and molestation. Coverage applies to:

    • Allied health professionals and counselors in campus infirmary
    • Athletic injuries including traumatic brain injury
    • Day camp, summer camps, special events, fundraising events
    • International travel including study abroad programs
    • Security personnel, armed and unarmed
    • Worldwide coverage territory (Claims do not have to be brought in the U.S.)

    Excess General Liability: Limits up to $10 million with aggregate limit

    Educators Legal Liability (D&O, E&O, EPL): Limits up to $11 million, separate from general liability tower

    ELL's broad, wrongful acts coverage protects against a wide range of potential claims involving educational institutions including:

    • Discrimination
    • Educator's professional errors and omissions
    • Employment practices
    • Retaliation
    • Sexual harassment
    • Tenure denial
    • Title IX

    Fiduciary Liability: Limits up to $5 million

    • Breach of fiduciary duty
    • Errors and omissions in benefit plan administration
    • Defense coverage outside limits of liability
    • Compensatory damages including those related to COBRA, settlements, and defense costs
    • Civil penalties related to prohibited transactions 


    • Real property
    • Personal property
    • Business income

    Commercial Auto: Up to $1 million combined single limit

    Workers' Compensation: Guaranteed cost

    Coverage Benefits

    Risk Management Resources: 24x7 access to EduRisk, education-specific risk management resources, including claims studies, risk research bulletins, blogs, and online courses.

    Seamless Coverage: Broad, coordinated coverage for hybrid claims such as emotional distress caused by discrimination and some Title IX claims.

    Crisis Response: Access to approved professionals, with a benefit up to $25,000, to assist with crisis communications and trauma/grief counseling. 


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