Education Insurance Services (EIS) Launched to Service Small Schools and Colleges

Bethesda, MD (March 30, 2015) — Today, United Educators Management Co. announced the opening of Education Insurance Services (EIS), a wholesale insurance agency created to provide education-specific coverage for independent K-12 schools and small colleges. EIS will provide comprehensive packages designed to address the exposures specific to education, including liability coverage for claims associated with athletic injuries, sexual molestation, and Title IX compliance. Rounding out the offering will be property, commercial auto, and workers’ compensation coverage.

In addition to packages for small schools and colleges, EIS will also offer specialty coverage for all educational institutions. These options address global travel, builders’ risk, environmental, and cybersecurity exposures.

“Having coverage specific to the unique needs of education has often been out of reach for the agencies serving small schools and colleges,” said Joe Carter, president of EIS. “We’re pleased to be able to serve this market, giving them an affordable and simplified way to purchase targeted coverage and risk management services."

Agents and brokers work with EIS by appointment and can learn more by visiting

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United Educators Management Co. operates United Educators Insurance (UE), a reciprocal risk retention group, which offers liability insurance to more than 1,300 schools, colleges, and universities nationwide. EIS is a sister company to UE, broadening its ability to prevent incidents at schools and on campuses and protect institutions when unfortunate events occur.

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